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08 March 2021 - For all we know he is married himself. You did what you thought was best. oncology lectures powerpoint Dec 18, 2020 texas dove hunting leases Elemiel stood before her, with a flaming sword in his hand. Elemiel sat cross-legged in the grass. Some distance away, Gremory paced like a prowling cat, intent on her own thoughts. Were they aiming for me, or for you. snap score increase bot Among our troops one was beginning to see similar things. The inmates had no choice - they could not surrender. The hopes of generals and staff officers leaped at the news of his visit to Rastenburg. Hube, the blunt, one-armed veteran, was one of the few generals whom the Fhrer respected. Manstein knew that this was wishful thinking.

It was time to crash that party. Going over the events of the day. math 112 module 1 quiz plotly pie chart hovertext Perhaps you can show me the way to the house of Sean the Woodsman. He was trotting easily alongside the horse. He seems to go everywhere with her. Around them the trees were ablaze with autumn colour. Mama says they will marry one day. door strips bunnings The man behind was keeping up, even gaining. He had to keep drawing him off, to get him well clear of Sally. More bullets ripped past him, tearing a piece of bark off a tree to his right. He had to take care of him first, and then do the woman. Broadbent was now running down a sloping draw with a dry watercourse at the bottom. He was fast, damned fast, but Maddox was gaining.

He wanted to let it all flood out, but Glenna had started in as soon as they were seated. Glenna wanting to follow in his footsteps caused a sudden welling up of pride, but the danger of police work brought up fear as well. Not compared to the white collar guys. Heck, even the crooks make more than we do. It was true, when her mind was made up, it was locked and there was no key. I want a direction and I like to finish what I start. honda crv idle rpm The inner corridor was ghostly cool and dim, and once Will led her out to the stands-to the fifty-yard line, to be precise-the wide empty space seemed to hold all the echoes of exuberant yelling and happy screams and devoted fans. Will, however, looked more and more distraught. hypixel skyblock afk enderman farm Shamelessly using the situation to his advantage, he shifted forward, gently pressing her to the trunk. Knowing he was now blocking her from the others, he set his hands on either side of her head and leaned in. Body language was definitely conflicting with her words, and he figured body language stood for more. Not deep enough to really hurt, but not exactly gentle either. Jack shook his head, but when Michelle broke off a piece and handed it to him, he looked at her, smiled. She smiled back as he popped it into his mouth and held out his hand for another.

The disposition of my life is my affair and not yours. College, your stable lifestyle, your very helpful friends. Did it ever occur to you to consult me. Learning new things is exciting and it would be heaven to be surrounded by all those lovely books. He spread his legs and, curved one splayed hand over the luscious swell of her ass, urging her tighter against him, while his other hand plunged into her soft mass of curls to hold her head. She squirmed against him, a full-body caress, all her feminine softness touching all his male hardness, and he swore he was going to lose his mind. how to disable gatekeeper on mac catalina Then she gets picked at random - to end up like this. Sewing the mouth shut brings the shrinking process to a close. The Indian takes a needle made from bone and stitches the lips together with a leather thong. He leaves several strips of fine cord dangling from the mouth. If the mouth were to remain open, the soul could slip away.

Plus I made sure they paid the thousand-dollar price tag for the evening. There were servers rushing around, filling their trays from bins on the counters. Oh, and I got your donation, by the way. They pretended to be a friend and then they took you to hell. He had lost three friends that way, blown to bits in the middle of a crowded street as his unit went door-to-door, trying to flush out insurgents. singapore math 4b Indy swung the butt of the rifle around and cracked it against the side of his head. The soldier took two stuttering steps, tottered, then dropped to his knees, and fell over. With a smooth motion, he hurled it from ankle level.

There was no indication of external damage. The windshield was clean and unobstructed, and provided a good view of whatever was ahead. Nobody should be able to do that. It was wrong, and he started to cry. Nobody could blame him if he just gave up. He was thirsty again and the water in the tub only served to tell him how dry his throat could get. army dlc answers The thing to bear in mind is that it is you who is the catalyst here. Your mother obviously knew how as well. She seems to have tested you to see what would happen and, satisfied that you could do it, she left it to you to find out whatever it is you need to know. I can see you feel that her death somehow prevented her from letting you into the big secret. Maybe she wanted you to find it out for yourself. It all adds up to make it so hard for us to open ourselves to the unexplained.

Sometimes, when his bearer climbed to breathe, his own face would emerge and the fronds engorged themselves like balloons, while he scanned the horizon quickly. But there was never any sign of land. At my hip hung a long-barreled six-shooter-somehow I had been unable to find the same sensation of security in the newfangled automatics that had been perfected since my first departure from the outer world-and in my hand was a heavy express rifle. Then she slid sinuously into the surf. A single time she circled far aloft-and then straight as an arrow she sped away. daily sentiment index spx This was an elite academy that exercised the body as well as the mind. Fluent in French, they worked zealously to perfect the gentlemanly arts. This program survived until the late nineteenth century, when the building was torn down and its prime real estate used to house the university administration.

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He wondered how far Malone intended to go, but he was determined to hold his ground and see if the plane or the policeman yielded first. The driver of the Range Rover rolled from the car just as the wing swung past, the propeller only a foot or so away. It was closed in the apparent world aeons ago, after the first fall of the Garden. But it opened again when the Skein vanished. They were the lords of the world: their cities spanned the shores of Earth before the Flood, and those were drowned when a meteor hit the planet. Those of the Skein that were left vowed it would never happen again: they created the Liminality, wove it out of the legends of the ancestors of man, and then took refuge in it. Their magic is a blend of demonic and angelic: the forces which powered creation, two halves of the same whole. dex sound through monitor Animal and human, finding connection, reaching out. Greya and the lampmender Salt, who had helped one another. She raised the Irish sword and it began to sing in her mind a song of its own, a thread of telling about battles fought and won, the green summer hillside and the sparkling sea. It sang of honour and glory, but also of loss and the knowledge that it had been the agent of that loss. It was human-born, human-made and Mercy hung onto its song and pulled herself to her feet. She cut through the wintersong of the disir, the stories of iron ground and iron cold, of the delight in bloodshed, and she ran the shaman through so hard that the blade rang out against the standing stone.

The city of Stalingrad, Zhukov argued, should be held in a battle of attrition, with just enough troops to keep the defence alive. No formations should be wasted on minor counter-attacks, unless absolutely necessary to divert the enemy from seizing the whole of the west bank of the Volga. He feared that they might lose Stalingrad and suffer a further humiliating blow, unless something was done immediately. Jason had her in one hand and the raft in another. He was letting the current whip them along through the worst of the rushing water, past the entire intersection, where it slowed. There, he swam them to the side, pushing her and the raft ahead of him. The moment she grabbed on to a bus bench, the water swirling up to the seat, she dragged in more precious air, feeling nothing short of sheer awe at what had just happened. He was pale, his eyes dark and haunted. azure key vault secret What Sinan had lost, Nasim could reclaim. The man was only trying to gain respect in his eyes.

If you start coming up with anything that might be suspicious, the suspicion would fall on you, too. Will you turn our savage, Marrok, loose on me. After three years of waiting, working, and watching, she was getting close to the goal. The ill-equipped Romanian infantry, although shaken by the heavy bombardment, straightened up in their trenches, and fought back bravely. A second assault, this time supported by tanks, was also beaten off. Eventually, after another round of shelling, the Soviet guns abruptly ceased shooting. The mist seemed to make the silence deeper. chainsaw cuts out when throttle is applied You keep it on and get back as fast as you can. For a moment longer she hesitated, then she turned and began to run unsteadily back down the beach, the wind behind her now, which made it easier, without the snow and sleet in her eyes. On and on she went, sometimes slowing to a walk, sometimes jogging, faintly aware that part of her was listening over her shoulder for the sound of pursuit. She had to get back to the cottage. There was no question of getting lost with the sea constantly at her left hand, crashing on the shore, drawing infinitesimally back, worrying the sand like an animal reluctant to abandon its prey, yet glancing up the beach again she found she was beginning to panic.

Her bra seemed to come off it with it. In fact, her bra seemed to miss the seat and instead take a dive into Lake Michigan, a bobbing bit of red-and-white polka dots that matched her thong-which he was likely to discover soon. Her back arched like the sway of a reed. All she knew…was wanting him more. Here the ground was now white with a thick blanket of snow. Then the lot was filled with roaring noise, explosion on explosion, and a slug whizzed by to the right. Ducking behind the Volvo, the killer tripped over the bag. No room for an error at this stage of the game. monoprice extruder upgrade A sound like thunder filled the room, causing those members of the crowd who were still alive to dive on the floor with their heads covered. It was clear that Heironeous had spoken-words that only thefaithful could hear. Kaerion watched as Vaxor fell to his knees, whether from his wounds or from some movement of faith Kaerion could not be sure.

Indy melted into the shadows, slipping through a doorway into the labyrinth of the ship. A good woman, he thought, and impossible to subdue entirely. Ahead of her, the two tunnels came together. She quickly tossed the match and scuttled into the other fork, hoping, praying, it would take her to a place of safety deep in the mine. mitsubishi diamondtron 22 I could have been making an appointment to get my prostate checked. It felt good to be outside, in a fresh breeze.

I wanted to explain everything that happened, but Chet insisted that I remain silent, so I did. Sure, there could have been more detail, but that was to be expected, and would come over time. Closing her eyes she tucked the blanket back over him. The total emptiness in the room told her that he was dead. Turning away she sat on the floor in front of the fire and wrapped her arms around her knees, as the tears poured down her cheeks. impala roller skates aqua It was certainly not his intention to join these midday swimmers, preferring instead to wait up top where it was high and dry. Then abruptly it occurred to him that Spann would make the collar. For no sooner had the Indian surfaced to get a breath of air than Scarlett landed squarely on him with his uniform boots. Crushed between the descending cop and the slope of the submerged shore he crumpled into a ball and choked out the last of his oxygen.

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He knew only that when he let go, the cells of his body all had new neighbors-and a lake of tears dried on the ground around them. And his nose was in desperate need of a hanky. And not once did I think about what would happen next. latin kings colors history of larissa greece She could never leave him behind. She pulled Dusty to her lap and hugged him, and buried her face in his fur. He depended on her to get him to safety. If the Trafalgars have a weakness, it is the lack of an integrated combat system like the U. A future upgrade known as Type 2076 may cure this. They handle well and are quite good boats for the money. These boats, if they are ever built, will be powered by the British PWR-2 reactor, and may be equipped with cruise missiles.

I could just make out its choppy waters through a sparse string of trees. There was a shack on the island that looked like an outhouse with smoke curling out of its ceiling. pieper bayard 1908 serial numbers logitech connection utility He looked up at the clear bag and noticed it was still dripping the drug into his arm. He spied movement, and he fastened his eyes on the far corner where the wall at the foot of the bed met the wall to his left. And on the ceiling, a blob of black. Odd, he thought, black widows were native to the United States. What was one doing here, on a ceiling, indoors, in a warm room. They liked to be on the edge of things-in the dark, but near the light-in the dry, but near the damp. He looked as frustrated as she felt right now. Her parents admitted her when the police picked her up for urinating in public. She is, however, something of a fabulist, which is why I have to question whether or not she really was assaulted. A woman suffering delusions would never have her claims taken seriously, so was the perfect victim for a sexual predator. No amount of privacy can stop me charging whoever did this.

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Yet, it was the fist-size rock from Earth-rounded and fluted from the labor of mesolithic toolmakers-that held her contemplation. To represent the dim ages of my ancestors. To somehow illuminate this dark place. Trading torchlight for laserbulbs to view cavern art. And this cave last heard voices sixty million years ago. In the steep hill that rose up from the valley, now more noticeable under the high sun. Maysoon helped him divide the contents up into manageable loads. He chose one of the upper caves, one that was big enough to crawl through comfortably and tucked out of view, and slung the packs over his shoulder and hauled them up to it, one by one. It took almost nine trips, but by the end of it, the entire contents of the chests were safely nestled in the cave, wrapped in a protective layer of canvas, out of view. On the other hand, the Turks had no way of knowing who had attacked them, or how many they were. It had been dark, and no one had seen him or Maysoon close enough to be able to identify them. presto json array to rows His leggings reached from ankle to groin. On his head, the Cree wore a buffalo horn cap adorned with feathers and weasel skins.

He reluctantly moved in to assist, removing first her boots, then her pants. She was in her car, stuck in traffic on the bridge, frustrated and angry at the damn truck that had trapped her behind it. So did his arms, pulling her out of the nightmare and firmly into the present. rocd meaning Mar 25, 20153D Character Animations for UE4 Unreal Engine. MoCap Onlines UE4 Character Animation library is has smooth blends, clean transitions, tempo-matched loops to create a detailed animation tree for your character controller or Blueprint. steve quayle latest youtube videos And Indy looked at her gratefully through the smoke and flame, smiling. Coughing, trying not to breathe, her eyes smarting and watering from the black smoke, she reached down and picked up the medallion in the loose scarf that hung round her neck. And then she looked for the wooden money-box. Cinders, glowing embers, burning timbers-they danced through the fiery roof toward the moon. The tree grew on a hill and when they saw the village in the valley below, the girls felt like birds, at one with the sky. The oldest was seventeen, the youngest, a girl named Mahina, was barely fifteen and she wanted to climb as high as she could, because she wanted to touch the clouds. He was old and withered, with stringy hair and slits that hid his eyes. The only way to avoid the curse is to catch and burn the reptile before death comes to the village. If you refuse, death will meet your family before your feet touch the ground.

He demanded an end to half-measures, with mass mobilization, yet symbolism was almost more important in the rash of measures. The copper cladding over the Brandenburg Gate was removed for use in war industry. Luxury shops, including jewellers, were closed. All fashion magazines were to cease publication. Rumours spread that permanent waving would be forbidden. alf poor interview Had he ever, in any way, hurt her. Fear of it going too far, of her letting it. Yanking her out of the tub, he reached for the zipper of her drenched coveralls, one mission in mind: save her skin. Tugging the coveralls off her hips, revealing white satin panties, which matched her bra. Just walking in here used to set her creative juices flowing. Nothing but a tightening in her chest that suggested panic.

He was just staring out into nothing, without blinking. Reilly bent down beside him and put two fingers to his neck. He glanced around through seething eyes, the frustration pinning him down. Especially with all the amazing work you see being done with UE4. Creating a game or a custom game environment contain many different disciplines and skills. Each skill will often require its own time to learn and develop outside Unreal Engine 4. For example 3d modeling, texturing or C++.Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Information is provided as is and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. how to reconcile a relationship rick warren As always they felt good in her hands. But between her and her brother lay a battery of troops screaming for her blood. mx150 games list She wanted him every bit as crazily as he wanted her. This was going to be an extremely nice, leisurely, seductive ride. It was all he could do to let go of her breasts and wrap his arms around her, holding on for dear life.

Whether it was her panting his name, or his own driving need, he gradually increased the tempo, until unbelievably, she could feel herself spiraling again, shuddering with her second orgasm. As she fell, he rasped out her name and followed her over the edge. spitzpoo puppy Above, she could see the dark hole she had to go into. In a moment she was standing on a precarious ledge just inside the dark opening. By the dying light of the burning matchbox she saw the hole ended in a broad, half-moon crack going off at a shallow angle of about thirty degrees. The crack looked just wide enough to fit in. She reached up, grabbed a handhold, and hoisted herself up. The flashlight beam was probing all around now. american lifan motorcycle parts Her hands were untied, the right one by her side and one finger-the left index-was between her neck and the cable. It suggests someone strangled the victim and staged the hanging to cover it up. Giverny may have been murdered and the scene made to look like a suicide. Anya suddenly remembered the threat painted on the car in the garage. Save survivors first and make the scene safe. It had never occurred to her that Giverny could have already been dead when they arrived.

It was his dream all over again, this morning all over again, and with a low groan, he hauled her up against him and dug in. They stood there, straining together, dark sounds of neediness escaping each of them, and when she tangled her tongue with his, sucking him into her mouth, he nearly lost it. Mar 27, 2016 mullet man texas Patches of wild lavender and wormwood scrub covered the slope, beyond which was a wide plain that spread south all the way to distant mountains. He paused there to get his bearings, his back and thighs aching from the long, saddleless ride. ebus adapter This was Lieutenant Gerhard Stock, who had won a gold medal for javelin-throwing in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. General Strecker also made arrangements to send a liaison officer from XI Corps. General Dumitrescu, the commander-in-chief of the Third Romanian Army, had long argued that his sector could only be defended if they held the whole bank, using the river Don itself as their major anti-tank obstacle. Dumitrescu had recommended seizing the rest of the southern bank at the end of September, but Army Group B, while accepting his argument, explained that all spare troops had to be concentrated on Stalingrad, whose capture was still assumed to be imminent. Each of their divisions, only seven battalions strong, had to cover a front of twelve miles. Their greatest defect was a lack of effective anti-tank weapons.

She was beginning to think maybe it took more fortitude than weakness to allow all members of a family to be equal. Are you managing to get enough sleep. A baby can be so hard on a mother. She shot a helpless glance over her shoulder at Dax, who just grinned. Dec 19, 2020 - Explore AD3DAs board "3D - Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints & Scripts", followed by 448 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about unreal engine, blueprints, engineering.MoveActions – Custom movement “actions” that flow inline with the movement component, allowing for movement actions (like teleporting and crouch flags, move speed modifiers, ect) without having to modify the c++ source to achieve (things like sprinting to do perfectly normally require c++ modification to avoid buffered move sends causing educational philosophy Streams of it, coming up from the street. Think maybe I hit my head before. It held two firefighters, who took one look at Blake and staggered to a shocked halt. Sheila was sitting in a chair, her wrist in a sling. Dustin was next to her, his arm around her shoulders. disadvantages of manorialism She needed his visible, public support. She needed the free additional medical staff.

Being sensitive to atmosphere was not always a blessing, but at least she knew what to do about it. Someone had spent a lot of time here filling the room with unhappy thoughts. She could sense misery, loneliness and resignation and maybe, fear. RPC Movement in UE4. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 974 times the Player Character blueprint should contain (at least) three custom events and one Input event. The Input event is called when the player tries to shoot, and executes one of the custom events; I usually name my events with _Server army dlc answers She put on a glittery, gold stretchy dress that showed off everything and made her feel sexy, and then added five-inch heels because height gave her a feeling of power. She exited the bathroom and strutted across the lobby and back to her desk for her purse. When she straightened, Danny was watching her. The look in his eyes blistered her skin, and encouraged by that, she practiced the smile she was going to use tonight-mysterious, spicy. She watched him take in her snug, shimmery cocktail dress, the way it plunged nearly to her belly button, and wondered if he thought she looked good. extended conjugation She fell, twisting elegantly through the air, and landed in the snow. Shadow pushed her over the side of the sleigh, into the mass of heads, then followed. The others looked at him, their eyes rolling in their sockets. She cracked the whip in a shower of silver bells and the sledge sped on towards the mountain wall.

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I would not presume to seek forgiveness or mercy for our failure. All I can offer is this simple act to save our heavenly father from the burden of tending to our miserable souls. When he was finished, he set the quill down beside them and only then did he dare look up at the monks before him. spongyabob mese online seo script nulled It had a different ring tone than the others he used and only one person had the number. A person Father Albert would have given his life for without a second thought. Mom and Dad both worked and were too busy with their careers to pay much attention to their skinny blond son, despite the fact that he was so frail they had to keep the windows closed in case a draught of air carried him away. Among these were the secure virtual vaults of Chase Manhattan Bank, the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and the BNP, the national bank of Paris. It was a bank with only one client. But while he was handcuffed in an FBI interrogation room, the meagre knowledge of the American jail system that he had acquired through watching TV kept running through his head. How ever do you fight them all off. She could really hate him for that. Now that there was coffee from ceiling to floor, there were no more flames. Man, he had such great, wide shoulders-perfect for setting her head down on. They were so strong, so durable.

I want someone who sees my faults, all of them, and there are many. Not a good idea to point that out. I see all of them, and you know what. unity move object with mouse movement Write custom collision handling on your server. This is a lot of work. Server would need to know all the colliders positions, dimensions, etc. You could then use a physics library ( i.e. Bullet Physics ) to check collisions or write a custom collision checks. Compile UE4 as a dedicated server. john roberts wife Perhaps an elder race or two, who might offer both solace and advice. Can we make it the rest of the way. Here was, no matter what happened, an exhilarating, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind adventure. Ty had been checking prices for them. It was okay to raise the cattle for other ranchers who would eventually sell for beef. So why did she keep pushing him away. Even now, in late June, the tops of them were still covered with snow.

Churchill, with a strong inkling of the consequences, could do nothing. Red Army sacrifices and the terrible suffering of Russian civilians allowed Stalin to manipulate the Western Allies through a sort of blood guilt because their losses had been minimal in comparison. etizolam taste This uses a combination of UE4 blueprints and UE4 c++ to enable you to create custom effects and physics movement curves in pure C++ with the ease of UE4s visual curve editor! Below is a picture of the final result! I draw this curve in the editor and and can now use it in C++ ! # UE4 Curve Asset # UE4 … iptorrents down Well, technically Tara and Maddie had been too busy with their full lives. It was Todd, Jamie, and two others that Chloe had seen around, Dan and Mitch. Next to him, Mitch started laughing into the silence. Wave machines for generating electricity and siphons that sucked bottom mud to spread into the currents, fertilizing plankton to enhance nearby fishing grounds and earn carbon credits at the same time. A real industrial and economic infrastructure… all of it kept below the surface, out of sight, in order not to perturb rich residents who lived above. Sheets of bright neosilk billowed and figures hurried about the deck, tugging at lines. A call-distant but clear-bellowed across the still lagoon. Bin found the sight intriguing in more ways than he could count.

It took a great deal of self-control not to blast the impudent monk as he skulked about. It was only the fact that they were so close to their goal that stayed the dark priests hand. When the Dark One was finally free, Jhagren and all his cursed brethren would be crushed beneath his heel. He had no use for the blasted corpse and would just as soon leave it to rot. In another instant, the cleric made his decision. Durgoth sent a silent command and was rewarded a few moments later by the hulking presence of his golem. excel solver options alpaca api tutorial You imagine this insignificant human bracelet will protect you. How could Sallah have taken such a risk. The look on his face was that of a reluctant parent at a school play. He shook his head from side to side. He continued to stare at the children and then, as if he were deciding something, turned toward his accomplices. The Russian was studying the sky, looking for something. Oyster-colored clouds dotted a blue sky. He placed bamboo stakes in the rivers so that when the Chinese boats arrived at low tide, which he knew they would, the hulls would be pierced. When that occurred, his troops swooped down and slaughtered the invaders. His background was one of academics, focusing on history, anthropology, and archaeology, but clearly he was a consummate politician.

In fact, she was going to kill him, just as soon as her vision cleared and she could figure out which one of his two heads was the right one. Then she giggled, slapped her hand over her mouth and started to shake with laughter. Soon the two of them were screaming with laughter, tears spilling down their faces as they struggled not to fall off their log. For your information, I punched his lights out. govee hygrometer calibration jonker sailplanes contact details A hodgepodge cross-section of Americana, all of them united by a common yearning. Ducktailed older men standing side by side with teenage mallrats. Middle-aged couples, holding hands or carrying young clones on their shoulders. Yuppies in chinos and polo shirts alongside plumbers in stained overalls. Well-coiffed Texas matrons with elegant European scarves next to big-haired strippers in sequined cowboy hats. Coffee blocked the thrust with a backhand blow that sent the knife flying. Coffee ducked in time to save his head as the long knife sliced through the air where his neck had been. Garth was speeding, but he knew how to use a knife in a fight.

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A skull stood at the centre of the altar, shining. The altar had a fascination, the kind of compulsion that she associated with controlling magic. Before it was the jawbone of a whale, an immense ragged white arch. Deep inside the oak grove, behind the bone arch, stood a rock, an outcrop of granite. Something stood before it and it was a moment before Mercy realised the figure was chained to the rock. sugar water volume calculator Nervousness vibrated from her, and he knew she was thoroughly braced for his barrage of questions. That would get him nowhere with the stubborn woman riding next to him. No, it would take much more finesse to get what he wanted. The rest of the facts, certainly. The woman was a bundle of contradictions. fallout 76 glitches reddit They just came straight out and told me that the Final Clubs never take Jews. Actually, they put it in such a genteel way that it hardly sounded like prejudice. I believed you - and I still want to.

She sat back miserably and closed her eyes. Rain splattered down on the stone and dripped from the ancient walls all around her. She stood there shivering, staring up at the broken arches of the windows with their drooping adornment of late valerian. Suddenly there were tears in her eyes. star treasure game hack She yanked off her shirt and tossed it to the ground while she kicked off her shoes at the same time. Right now she was uncomfortably hot and uncomfortably worked up. She stalked toward the water, ready to rumble. best intellij themes His eyelids slid shut and his head lolled forward again as his hands came up to rub his temples. After a moment, he looked up again. This time, his expression was alive enough to telegraph his not having a clue about who Matt and Jabba were or what Matt was asking him. His eyes flickered back to life, like a succession of floodlights getting switched on in a stadium.

The thought forced him to drain the cup of its contents in one gulp. The fiery sensation spread throughout his body, until he felt his very blood boil. He let out a deep bellyful of air, amazed at how the drinks flavor lingered on mouth and tongue. His head swampeacefully in a warm sea of alcohol. geas errata Suspect in custody, I repeat, suspect in custody. The call had come in from the San Diego office and was a high-priority request from the FBI-not exactly a daily event at the station. The alert had said the suspect had been shot in the shoulder and was probably traveling alone. The suspect was unarmed and weak and looked like he was about to faint. oculus link lag fix Their labors are deliberately spiked, because some ruling elites see themselves engaged in a secret struggle on our behalf. And this tit-for-tat, negative-sum game is all about the most dismal human pastime. Given that poor Hacker is still missing at sea, we should not impose on your time of worry.

Blissfully unaware of his world and all it contained, Emily sat on the top step of the house. She wore black jeans with a hole in one knee and a snug T-shirt that invited him to Take a Hike in the Angeles Crest Mountains. mac compress not working Tennis is one of the few sports Harvard actually is not bad in. Ken now began to hemorrhage verbally. But that Jason Gilbert was such a crafty New York type. He had all sorts of sneaky little shots. Sara held back to let her husband speak up in defense of their Harvard classmate. cb2 outlet locations Each module is completed alongside the construction dock, with piping, fixtures, and heavy equipment already installed. Then it is lifted into place and "stacked" with other modules to form the hull. When that is done, the modules are "joined" (welded together).

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She hid it as she smiled back at him. She had thought he would scurry away when Kadar showed his claws. bloom battery instructions Ue4 Projectile Movement Physics ghost hunt season 1 episode 12 He turned his slow stumble back into a faster hobble, then into a slow run. His feet no longer hurt and he picked up his pace, bursting into Bear Clearing at a fast run. 84 finish mower Ah, look carefully at the propeller fastenings. And while we walk, you check the external control cables. Check the oil coolers to be certain they are clear.

Pack some of the clothes Bridget bought for you. But I believe in preparing for any emergency. He was a man in his fifties or early sixties, with grizzled gray-black hair and squinty hazel eyes. Any second now the men would appear-oh, shit, there they were, racing out of the building and toward the old cart. The men had given up on their cart and were running down the road toward them, guns out. He got them in the air and then looked back to find the goons standing in the middle of the runway, clearly furious. He reached for her hand and squeezed. Do you have any idea how glad I am. Why would it be anywhere else than the place of his nightmares. It was pointless to even try that. No, Stephenson also had to believe in our story. Now that we know what you did to him, we can start to undo it. I guess my face said all I had to say. His books have been translated into more than forty languages. To find out more about his work, visit his website at www.

And it was not merely chance that made him choose the Folly Bridge for her to drop him, so he could wend his way discreetly homeward in the dusk. Despite inward invocations of the New Morality, his conscience was still rooted firmly in the fifties. And he already felt that he would have to pay a price for his brief moment of adventure. Quick as a bullet, she shot back to Rachel and dropped a sweet kiss on her cheek, and gave her a very wobbly smile. And unbelievably, all she could think about was her hair, or lack of. Without being asked, he moved inside, dropping a duffel bag and backpack to the ground with a heavy thunk. Not only had they been defiled, but they were no longer socially acceptable due to the incontinence. The surgeon had bought a special van to take these women to receive medical care. No bus company or taxi driver would even carry them. And all the while you risk being attacked yourself for the work you do. His eyes brightened when he recognized her.

He was ready to lunge at whatever had terrified them, ready to thrust his blade forward. A work of art, he thought, and he wondered briefly about its creators, their system of beliefs, about the kind of religious awe that "might inspire something so dreadful as this statue. salesforce rest api delete multiple records Ten thousand of these refugees ended up in New Orleans. With them came the practice of voodoo. Both serpent worship and the drinking of blood were a common phenomenon. Rituals were performed around trees in St. Age in a castle is admirable, but in Rhymes may be another matter. I think I have a playwriting instinct, and that my play… proves it. And if it is simple it is without pretences, unaffected and easy, and yet fresh and new as a morning in June. There are several other stories which I have written.

Fearghus could simply never understand why. His power could only keep Annwyl alive for a short time. Morfyd and her ancient dragon Magicks actually healed the girl by mending her damaged organs. m3u telegram To top it off, Sara had convinced Evelyn Ungar, Director of the Harvard University Press, to let her do some freelance classics editing by mail. In the season finale, they crushed Dartmouth, their traditional rival, 33-0, Chris Jastrow was named first-string Ivy quarterback and looked likely to be drafted by the pros. Even Tony Thatcher was elevated to Dean of the College. So Ted had friends in high places. And to take lessons in cross-country skiing. So I concluded our talk by saying I had to go into town and buy some more fireworks. He asked if we were making July Fourth a two-day holiday. He accompanied President Ford and Secretary Kissinger (with a gaggle of reporters) on voyages to Peking, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Cathy, of course, understood that these were not the sort of trips you could take your wife on. Ever sensitive to public criticism, the Secretary of State was in despair.

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And, yes, I come before you as a purely-pearly virtue-virtual, wearing the nimbus halo of a holy-hollow holo. You expected, like, veri-real shots of the Heroine of Washing-tin. I live here now, in the Over-World. You can deliver it to me at 108 Pine Woods Road. Then he stretched out on the bed and closed his eyes. He sat up and smoothed the wrinkles out of his sweatshirt. Instead he turned his head and looked at the inviting pillow, wishing he could sleep for another hour or two, but he had to get home. Gerwyth should have told him what he was planning long before today. He had even said that very thing to the blasted elf. His companion had mumbled back something about friendship, honor, and duty. Once he had understood their meaning, had embodied them with his life. It was asa fading memory, nothing more than a dream.

It was just like a man to think that a woman could not hold two thoughts in her head at the same time. How could she be calm when she was whirling in the dark. Software can travel between the stars, so will Earth become the new coding sweatshop. Where was the zealot who spent her adult life pursuing this very thing-First Contact. How he saw Jesse and Stacy, naked, making love. And how he got safely into the police car. He bent over and picked up a shell casing. He found the forty-five near a pool of blood, picked it up. Whatever did this is one bad son of a bitch. He nosed down toward the ocean, to try and free the plane from the turbulence.

They still shared an attraction with the force and unpredictability of an active volcano. He could deal with that, though. He could hear the wobble in her voice and closed his ears to it because his anger was the only thing getting him through. Sooner or later we have to talk. He had preferred work to facing her, a rather deflating thought. No one was going to release Sara to a perfect stranger. She recognized younger versions of their reluctant hostess alongside various people, records of another era. A couple of dozen frames into the slide show, she stopped in front of one that reached out from the wall and grabbed her by the throat. It showed a young girl standing alongside an older man, a proud father-and-daughter pose. Behind them was a large wooden contraption from a bygone age, a semiautomatic loom of some kind. He spent it all on a modern loom that was supposed to come from England, but the middleman he bought it from took all his money and disappeared. My grandmother had to do something to make a living. You like your comfort zone, I get it. In that single thing, you and TJ are two linked souls. How many times have Mom and Dad proven that. How do you even know all this stuff.

This did not meet with any enthusiasm. His cousin Mary Synge, who was a professional musician, came to stay and advised him to go to Germany to study music. At the end of July 1893 he left for Koblenz, where he lodged with a family of four sisters whose company he loved, as he loved the company of most women. Despite the dry conditions, they could pinch off the head by late tomorrow-unless the wind changed direction and whipped the flames toward Granite Canyon. From the air, the dense pines hid the log cabin he knew was nestled beside the boulders. A sharp stab of bitterness tightened his gut. Hell of a time to think of his ex-wife. He felt at home, as if he belonged. It appeared chalk white in the moonlight, and he could catch a glimpse of the cottage to the side of the building. Is that what Irana felt as she looked out at the sea. He hoped that same peace was what Emily was feeling now. I need to stretch my legs anyway. The horror of Staunton and Joel was still hovering too close.

Whirling, she glared at Riley, but he was just sitting there, looking guileless. Had to be a personal record for failure, and exhausted at just the thought, she sank into the nearest chair. He could have whipped up something in his own kitchen, except for the fact that he really hated to cook. It was like a whole other universe existed down there, and the coeds actually fell silent, soaking it all in, absorbing the beauty. Her friends sat watching her attempt to right herself, tears of laughter streaming down their faces. The idea was to cut off the rest of Army Group Don and trap the First Panzer and the Seventeenth Armies in the Caucasus. He submitted his initial project to Stalin on the night of 26 November. The estimated start date for Saturn, allowing for redeployment and reinforcement, was 10 December. Stalin agreed, and told him to proceed. A more immediate preoccupation, however, had to be addressed first.

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  • If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Precision movement FPS ported off the Quake 3 series of movement physics, most notibly the Defrag and CPMA mods for Quake 3. Defragr includes a near direct port of idTech3s physics for the player. You can create your own custom …
  • UE4 Custom CharacterMovementComponent - C++. Tutorial. Close. 19. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. UE4 Custom CharacterMovementComponent - C++. In this video I show the proper way to make movement abilities for your characters. This is done by creating a Custom CharacterMovementComponent. We start from scratch with a third person BP project

She ached for this man, and this man alone. It really was an accident, you know. Thanks, too, to Gunnar Broberg, Gustav Holmberg, Ulla Jrlfors, and Jane Vance. Russell Hargreaves kindly looked over my Latin translations, Birgit Zetinigg my German, Richard Turner my French, and my wife, Sara, my Swedish. Even if all the translations did not in the end appear, they certainly helped inform the narrative. All errors in the translations, as well as in the story itself, are mine alone. Ingvor Gerner showed again and again that Swedish hospitality truly reaches Rudbeckian proportions. I want the police to get the evidence you took from me last night and find the bastard. He is not going to get away with what he did to me. She had mixed feelings about being here. Technically, what she had to say could be considered a breach of confidentiality, but she also had a duty to the community to help the police prevent major crimes from taking place. A compelling speaker, Richards had more experience investigating serial sexual assault than anyone else in the state, and always took time to pass on his expertise.

She kissed him back the same way, giving everything she had, her mouth open to meet his in a mindless beat out of time, slipping her hands beneath his shirt and over his smooth, sleek back, rippled with tension. Her nipples had long ago hardened into two aching buds. And what was happening between her thighs required the same attention as a five-alarm fire. Chris came in to be with him for a while. Sara and Gwyneth have everything under control. She slid open the curtain to call out for Logan, but he was right there, waiting with dark, melting eyes. He offered to take Ford as well, but Tara was still unwilling to part with him and used the excuse that he was already loaded in her car. She got behind the wheel, and nervous with both Ford and Logan watching her, took the first turn a little rough, nearly dumping Ford to the floor.

A vital but expensive part of advanced flight training for fighter pilots, ACM is most effective on an instrumented radar range with "playback" facilities for debriefing. Key components are the SPY-1 phased-array radar and the SM-2 missile. Named for the shield of Zeus in Greek mythology. He was heading towards the entrance to the abbey. He glanced round, spotting the pay and display meter only feet from his car and cursed under his breath. He settled her into her car seat, then turned and sought out Carlyne. He looked sure and confident, and he was smiling.

She could see the earthenware, lying abandoned in the trench. Behind her, above the wood, the stars were emerging as the sky grew dark. Thoughtfully she walked into the living room and switched on the table lamp. She had begun to draw the curtains when she glanced at the stove. And there were no logs in the box. She did not want to open the front door again. Topgun is a deadly serious post-graduate-level school designed to create squadron-level experts on tactics and weapons employment. The E-2C community also has its own school co-resident at NAS Fallon, called Topdome, after the large rotating radar domes on their aircraft. Its historic center fanned out around a slim-spired cathedral, a Renaissance town hall, and a brooding castle. If Viktor was tracking her by the car, the trail would end here. She hoped the local police would tow the thing quickly. Her mind and body were at the breaking point. But she also had to rid herself of Karl Tang, at least until she was ready to negotiate.

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She would never have left herself so wide open. How we only get one life, how we need to handle it right. Talk about putting herself out there, but it was too late to go back now. Water was running down his face too, in little rivulets. Do you really want to know this. When I was brought here as a prisoner I recognized the spot immediately. That is how I know that one may escape if he has proper help. If, however, I could lift you into the opening you could, in turn, reach down and help me up. The three conspirators made it a practice to spend most of their time in the shadows at the far end of the cavern so that the guards might become accustomed to seeing them there, and as no one other than themselves was aware of the opening in the ceiling at this point no suspicions were aroused, as the spot where they elected to be was at the opposite end of the cavern from the entrance, which was, in so far as the guards knew, the only opening into the cavern. Perhaps already other Coripies were on their way to conduct the unfortunate prisoners to the great cavern of Xax, where they would be torn limb from limb by the fierce, hunger-mad throng. By Saint Karel, no wonder there have been riots. Here in Off-Detroit, the dispossessed had nearer horizons-like their next meal. Assuming humanity decides to build them. Bizarre physical traits, reminiscent of the Book of Revelation. A professed ignorance of, or indifference to God.

She hated crying, he knew she did. Watching her struggle now, trying to hide them from him as she swiped at her eyes, did something to him, made him want to slay beasts and hold back entire armies. My mother dumped me, and I know that. It was dumb to want to find her. About anything that made her feel. He had docked his jet boat in Lewiston and was waiting for Zoe. puppies for sale san diego Great job, i am a beginner ue4 developer and i am trying to do a fnaf 6 free roam. NiccoTucks @NiccoTucks. this is a complete rip off of obsidious infinitly better game. FPEwan @FPEwan. You literally straight-up ripped this game from another creator. Youre … xamarin offline maps Not that anyone enjoys being proved wrong. Now the ersatz god merely drummed the table, frowning nervously. Tshombe reduced the beam intensity, so everyone could see… as mists began to part, revealing a luminous vista of bright stars. That part of a long list of questions would have to be delayed, till more urgent matters were settled. These pathways branched and split, many of them leading to dead ends. arrow latex math But the felucca pursued them relentlessly, her crew firing at will. Many were the willing hands that reached down to lift us to her decks. The bronze faces of the Mezops were broad with smiles, and Perry was fairly beside himself with joy. We got them aboard at last, and a great commotion they caused among the crew, who had never seen a wild beast thus handled by man before.

No more commando, even if the material rubbed the splinter. The hallway was empty, but walking it with the boat rocking wildly was no picnic. She made it to the stairs and got halfway up before she heard something from below her, a sort of muted hushed whisper. h265 bitrate 4k The last goes just behind the angle that leads off the port (left) side of the ship. This creates a box into which the pilot must fly the aircraft and plant his tailhook onto the deck. Well, that is another issue entirely. CTOL carrier landing decks are angled to port (left), about 14deg off the centerline. joe penny 2020 Except for one interesting fact-plenty of them seemed to be armed in some manner or another as well. On the surface they were a group of people brought together to a closeness only achieved by sharing near death. Risking a glance at her, he found her eyes wide on his. Just another example of how far Dorie had wormed her way into his heart.

They were staring out of the photograph, arm in arm, both in bathing suits, her hair wet, her smile real-now she wondered about his. Another quick glance at the clock told her she had a minute left. Her thoughts were about last night and early this morning and the suitcase in the trunk of her car. His life was as precious to her as her own. A man that would do that, run away and leave his wife, ranks right down there with child molesters and pornographers. How could she have been so fooled by him. vw golf reverse camera installation Toy Station, his pride and joy, never failed him. Some said he wasted his talent as an architect designing and building educational toys for gifted children, which he insisted on making by hand for classrooms all over the globe. Just the sight of her completed his thought. He had no patience for people who turned away from family. Maybe he was just old-fashioned, but it was the way he felt, and he knew nothing would ever change that. You picked out those horrid colors. She leaned into him, and as the minutes passed, her breathing slowed and deepened. The hard dirt floor beneath him.

The disc was out of control, flipflopping crazily, spewing flames and debris. It passed just under the raised right wing of the Ford, scant feet beneath the plane. The shock wave from its passing smacked the Ford like a giant hand. Cromwell and Foulois fought desperately to keep control. ocean county police blotter 2019 I want you to do some genealogical digging. I want to find out what other relatives Miss Fane might have. She had done it before, and it never failed to be charming. Lily knew the rules: never answer the trick questions. Matt had taught her that one himself. Behind him, Logan came along, looking tall, dark and yummy, and for a moment Lily lost her concentration because her body did a happy-hormone dance.

While he fixed the door, the others worked upstairs with her, tidying the spare room and cleaning it. There was no sign of a forced entry anywhere in the house. And there should be a larger bolt on the front door as well as a dead lock. Strangely she was relieved to see them go. claim letter for damaged shipment Neurotic obsessions are thought to conceal some wish that is often either of a destructive or sexual nature. This wish is usually quite obscure in most obsessions and hidden in symbolic distortion. Also I need more Gillette Atra blades. Is it just my imagination or do they really put the sharp razor blades in the first and last position with duller ones in between. She growled in response as she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. He settled between her thighs and buried himself inside of her.

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Lorissa came back on the phone with an apologetic laugh. Sam heard her say, "Cole, baby, I need a moment. It was looking pretty shaky when I saw it last. Where are you, are you okay, what happened. And she was left with nothing but a bone-deep weariness. mms miracle mineral solution testimonials Firstly, the title says “more realistic” which it definitely is compared to the default UE4 hands. Secondly, this is an open source, free to use, out of the goodness of their own hearts high tech architecture book pdf The stern figure just gave his portions to the two wolves at his side, and listened attentively to the two ravens perched on his shoulder who returned to the great hall each night at dinner with tidings from around the world. On inspection, the two chiefs of Olympus and Valhalla indeed marched in different directions: Zeus the protector of the laws, and Odin the patron god of thieves, outlaws, and the hanged. In so many important ways, one-eyed Odin, who spoke only in rhyme, seemed quite a bit different from the hardheaded Zeus. For in many ways, an intriguing counterpart to Zeus could be seen in the Norse god Thor. His voice was far thicker than it had been. But instead of answering, he unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, pulling the material away from her body. Then he just looked at her for a long, long moment before slowly shaking his head in wonder. Touching a nipple with his finger, he watched intently as it puckered and darkened for him.

Her white gown completely covered in blood. On that day the men had given her the name Annwyl the Bloody and, as much as she hated it, the name stuck. The women of the camp shunned her. She frightened them and she turned out to be completely useless with anything domestic. amaka ubaka net worth UE4 Networking Concepts. These are the things to know before starting. We always want to start coding but some knowledge about the concepts used in UE4 networking is mandatory to avoid losing time later. First of all, the UE4 multiplayer is based around the client-server model. ue4 custom movement My medicines are the best for miles around and they work for her, that was why Romanus came to fetch me. Who can understand why they heal one person and not another. If he declined, the god would simply order the wolves to kill him where he stood. The wolves were hanging on the whalebone arch, sheaves of bloody meat and fur.

His low, husky voice raised the hair on her arms, like a shiver on the warm wind. To stoke that hunger that drove them both wild. Jerking her mind back to her mission, she swallowed hard. She staggered on her crutches to keep her balance. The dog dropped his paws, and Cade slowly released her arm. craftsman z510 steam controller project 64 The clouds stirred above and again allowed the moonlight to chase away enough of the dark for her to see. Its reptilian head reminded her of a gecko, till it opened its mouth and she saw scissor-like teeth. Teeth that more rightly belonged in the mouth of a thresher shark. She was being warned away, but from what. Her mind raged and her heart raced. If she knew, if she only knew, she would stay away. Matt kept the engine running as he pulled his gun out and climbed from the cabin just as another heavy appeared from a side room, dumbstruck and gun drawn. Matt had the advantage of surprise and blew him away with two rounds to his chest. As Matt nudged Rydell forward, he heard some approaching footsteps, turned, and saw another guard rushing at them. By now, the adrenaline coursing through him was in control, and Matt was riding its autopilot of heightened awareness. He swung the gun away from Rydell, aimed, and squeezed, dropping the man to the floor. Matt glared at him and pointed at its rear-loading bay.

She could feel the coldness of the dew on her sandals. Charlotte cut roses from the pergola and they found a concert on Classic FM. uplay account free 2020 The documentation covers Unity, UE4, and custom engines, across both Touch and Gear VR. Please note that the Avatar SDK only covers visual representation of the hands. You can, however, have a look at the AvatarGrabSample in the Oculus Sample Framework for Unity to see how to add grabbing and throwing functionality to the hands. heat press 16x20 walmart They had to have entered the chest via the stab wounds. The debatable point is that if you take into account the winds that night, the tide could have swept her out a couple of hours earlier. Especially when she used that prim, annoyed tone as a defense. That she had a really, really good reason for doing so now. This was just a harmless question, part of our casual conversations. You know, from one person to another.

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After another hour, she went into the bedroom again. Moonlight streamed over the bed, highlighting the long, lean form lying there. She knew this because he wore only a pair of boxer briefs, ribbed cotton, charcoal-gray. In the living room one small lamp burned by the fireplace. She could see him in the moonlight, lying on the bed. She dug in her case for her washing things and her nightdress and crept downstairs to the bathroom. The moon had gone and the room was dark. The moon was behind the house now and the garden was still bright with its glow. And you never see more than one out on a street. When a light blows they fix it the next day, or the day after at the very latest.

A thick, quick surge of desire jolted through him, and he groaned. Her languid eyes rested on his, hot and dark with arousal. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself as she wondered about it. The violence spirals and is often far worse than it was before the takedown. A serial rapist like this one usually performed many more assaults than this. However, it was possible that he had done, and many had gone unreported. Whoever raped and killed those girls is smart. After a minute the music went quiet. Despite being afternoon, her hair was wet and she smelt of coconut. This time she had a different oversized shirt on.

And if she had, did she know that the meth and prom queen were the same person. One man was standing guard by the government cars, but her Crown Vic, parked four spaces away from the Suburbans, was unguarded. She hoped so, because it looked like she was going to need all the help she could get. In the store, lose the coat, then go to the deli and order something to eat. Black had his arm outstretched, his finger pointed at her as she ran. They walked inside, down a hall, and into a small, cool whitewashed room. An Apple laptop sat on a crude wooden table underneath a disturbingly realistic crucifix. Ford peered around guiltily and carefully shut the door. Brother Wyman raised the screen, turned it on, and they waited while it booted up. Slowly she made her way back towards the lych-gate, following the sound. She could feel the skin prickling slightly on her arms. The apple trees rustled in the breeze, the sound drowning out the voices of the monks, then it returned. She turned away from the house, towards the far side of the orchard, and finding a rotten gate dragged it open and made her way out onto the track. It led towards an old stone barn which stood starkly on the skyline some half a mile away.

And indeed, when Ted Lambros spoke of them, the Greek tragedians were very much alive. He had lectured for exactly forty-nine minutes. Kelly had tracked enough missing persons and stolen identities to know how to get to the bottom of things. Apparently her grandfather, Pierre Rochard, had some Jewish blood. Her grandfather had turned his loss and anger into a cause-seeking out old art treasures. You think that could be an inherited trait. He was clearly delighted by the praise. One last time, Joe brought his mouth down to hers, taking her stunned cry into his throat as he gripped her hips and sheathed himself into her from behind, filling her. Nothing and no one but the two of them, soaring as high as the clouds.

It would soon be seven and she could join the others in the kitchen. Their prize, their husbands had declared later, was the inheritance of Woodley Manor. Cal had been in the garden picking mint and parsley and, straightening up with her bowl in her hand, had found herself looking at a slim tall dark-haired woman dressed in a blue floor-length gown standing only yards from her. The woman was looking past her, focusing on something in the distance. I find them treacherous and painfully annoying. She sat on it and looked at him, her head held high. The potatoes and vegetables are over there. I went down to the farm, scared the little farmer, and took his cow. The least you can do is cook some vegetables. She tried to move out of its grasp, but the tail pinned her arms-with her still bound wrists-against her body. Lord Hamish, ruler of these lands. If she had the strength, she would have laughed at that. It looked as if she was going to be the breakfast of a monster. Soon Fowler is involved in an expedition to Jordan set up by the enigmatic head of Kayn industries, a reclusive billionaire who has links to the highest levels of the Catholic Church. But there is a traitor in the group who has links to terrorist organisations back in the US, and who is patiently awaiting the moment to strike.